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We Educate

We Educate

Together we raise awareness about different climate issues to inspire a call to action.
We do this through our articles, newsletters, climate stories, and virtual events.
We offer personal stories and narratives of people who are
witnessing and experiencing climate change today, locally & globally.


We invite you to join us in this call to action! Share your story here.

Our Projects

Climate Stories

Share your own story to help us address the threat of climate change

By speaking out together we believe RPCVs can become an important new voice in the national conversation about climate change – especially by relating our own personal experiences in seeing the impact of climate change both in our own communities and on vulnerable families whom we have served worldwide in the Peace Corps. We have learned that data and research alone are not sufficient in educating the American public on the real and growing threat of climate change. That’s why we are asking you to tell your stories that help humanize climate change and serve as a collective call to action to protect our planet now.


View our climate stories  here and start writing your own story here.


Do you have questions about what to share and how your story makes a difference? Our FAQ Section may answer common questions about our Climate Story Portal.