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Bikini-Enewetak's Heartbreak and Grassroots Activism- For the Planet October 2023

October 2023 | Editor: Ari Richard

Be sure to register for our webinar on October 21 to hear from Marshallese citizens, climate activists, RPCVs, and the Veterans for Peace addressing practical solutions and actions to take to remedy nuclear weapons testing and containment. Read on to learn about ways to take action to support clean energy and celebrate succeses with us in our March to End Fossil Fuels segment. Don't forget to sign up for Citizen's Climate Lobby (CCL) Fall conference for November 4 and 5. Read more here.







Upcoming Events and Member Spotlight - For the Planet September 2023

September 2023 | Editor: Ari Richard

Don't miss all of our exciting events coming up in September and October. Join us September 14 for an author discussion of the book Solving the Climate Crisis, and be sure to check out the Citizen's Climate Lobby inclusion conference September 15 and 16. Put a hold on your calendar for October 21 to learn about climate change and impacts of nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands. Read on to discover how you can take action this month in New York, and check out a book review of Not Too Late by RPCV4EA's own Meredith Miller Vostrejs. Read more here.


Follow the Golden Rule - For the Planet August 2023

August 2023 | Editor: Ari Richard

Take action to tell your governor to take advantage of the Inflation Reduction Act and discover more ways you can help out with RPCV4EA. Don't forget to check out a reduced price 2024 International Calendar to support RPCV4EA. Check out this month's member spotlight story featuring Brady Fergusson. He tells the story of the famous ship Golden Rule and how Veterans for Peace have helped it continue to spread its humanitarian message. Read up on climate happenings in our news section and don't forget to sign up for the 2023 Peace Corps Connect conference in September. Read more here.



Advocacy in Action - For the Planet July 2023

July 2023 | Editor: Ari Richard

Check out this month's events and be sure to read about RPCV4EA's road trip to Washington, D.C. with Citizen's Climate Lobby and learn how you can contribute to climate action. Speaking of action, be sure to email your representatives to urge their support of the Peace Corps Authorization Act. Read on to learn how you can contribute to positive climate interventions, including checking out our environmental activities resources for youth clubs and camps. Don't forget to order a discounted 2024 international calendar, and sign up for Peace Corps Connect 2023 this fall. Read more here.






RPCV4EA Hits the Road - For the Planet June 2023

June 2023 | Editor: Ari Richard

Follow along as our intrepid RPCV4EA board heads to Washington D.C. with Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL). Help us celebrate the life and legacy of longtime colleague and friend Pat Wand by visiting the Museum of the Peace Corps Experience webpage. Take action to urge your representative to co-sponsor the Energy Innovation Act, and read how you can contribute to climate conservation through various outdoor activities. Explore various climate topics in our news roundup, including an RPCV spotlight for World Ocean Day focused on community-led conservation in Fiji. Get up to date on who RPCV4EA is partnered with, and be sure to check out Peace Corps Response openings. Read more here.

Take Action - For the Planet May 2023

May 2023 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

Forest in ParaguayTake action for the planet by participating in national bike month and advocating to protect forests. Watch the film Rostros del Rio, read about the panel discussion that followed our film screening event, and support a local Paraguayan NGO. And don't forget to read our climate news roundup, covering topics from electric vehicles to fast fashion. Read more here.



Earth Day Event "Rostros del Rio" - For the Planet April 2023

April 2023 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

RPCVs in row boatJoin us for our Earth Day virtual film screening and panel discussion of Rostros del Rio on April 16. Event info and registration available. Plus articles by RPCVs about advocating for Peace Corps in Washington, DC, being a Peace Corps Response volunteer in Rwanda, and our event and climate news roundups. Read more here.



 Upcoming Events and Climate Policy Insights- For the Planet March 2023

March 2023 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

gas station pricesSave the date for our Earth Day virtual film screening and panel discussion of Rostros del Rio! Please also share your local Earth Day activities with RPCV4EA so we can help advertise them to our community. Read about climate policy, latest climate news, and take action to protect coastal communities. Read more here.



RPCV4EA Inaugural General Meeting - For the Planet February 2023

February 2023 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

Zoom meeting - faces of RPCV4EAJoin RPCV4EA for our first official annual general meeting on February 5th. To inform our strategic planning going forward please fill out our membership survey. This month we feature other climate related events in addition to the RPCV4EA monthly action team meetings, as well as an advocacy alert about COP28, articles of interest, and Peace Corps updates. Read more here.



Happy New Year! - For the Planet January 2023

January 2023 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

wreath with happy new year sign


Happy 2023! Start your new year off with RPCV4EA - from our monthly action team meetings to community workshops. We also invite you to fill out our member survey, and join us next month for our inaugural RPCV4EA annual general membership meeting. Read more here.





Happy Holidays and Stay Engaged! - For the Planet December 2022 

December 2022 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

woman with red hat among snowy treesHappy holidays! As you enjoy the winter holiday season we invite you to stay engaged with our monthly action team meetings, CCL conference, and advocacy opportunities this month. And RPCV International Calendars are for sale - the perfect holiday gift! Read more here.




Get Out the Environmental Vote and COP 27- For the Planet November 2022 

November 2022 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

Vote for the environment graphicMidterm elections matter - for people and the planet. Many voters say climate change is important, yet many environmental voters do not vote. Learn about opportunities to get engaged and help get out the environmental vote. This month is also when global climate actors come together for the United Nations COP 27 conference. We provide an overview of COP 27 and key issues to follow. Plus our monthly events, advocacy alert, and news round up. Read more here.





Event Recording and Partnership Updates - For the Planet October 2022 

October 2022 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

screenshot of event recordingWatch the recording of the event RPCV4EA co-hosted, "At the Intersection of Climate and Poverty: Solutions to Advance Planetary and Human Well-being." Also included: partnership updates from Peace Corps and others advancing environmental work and get out the environmental vote action opportunities. Read more here.



Intersection of Climate and Poverty - For the Planet September 2022 

September 2022 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

Carissa PatroneThis month RPCV Carissa Patrone Maikuri (Nicaragua 2013-2015) reflects on her role as a Peace Corps Volunteer and her international work as a white American woman. Carissa is a panelist on the RPCV4EA event, “At the Intersection of Climate and Poverty: Solutions to Advance Planetary and Human Well-being" on September 12. Other events include the first ever CCL Inclusion Conference, organized with support from RPCV4EA and NPCA Board Member Michael Roman; and our monthly action team meetings including Letters to the Editor about climate and poverty. Plus, ways to get out the environmental vote and a news round up on carbon and the link between Ukraine and organic farming. Read more here.



Summer Reads and Outdoor Adventures - For the Planet August 2022 

August 2022 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

boat on waterRPCV4EA wishes you a wonderful summer, wherever your adventures take you! This summer enjoy books about climate and the environment, as well as books written by RPCVs; our book reviews can guide you. You can also read about the health benefits of being outdoors in nature, and about RPCVs protecting local and national parks. Read the August newsletter here.





Leadership and Advocacy Updates - For the Planet July 2022 

July 2022 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

Congratulations to RPCV4EA Board Member Michael Roman (Kiribati 2000-2002) on his recent election to the NPCA Board! Read his statement for the NPCA Board, and his article co-authored with Kate Schachter, providing an update from the in-person Citizen's Climate Lobby conference held in Washington, D.C. Plus read about climate change and heat from Fran Koster, Citizen Climate Science Action Team Member, get green news, and a variety of resources from the Peace Corps. Read the July newsletter here.




Take Action for World Ocean Day - For the Planet June 2022 

June 2022 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

World Ocean Day is June 8. This year's theme is Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean.  Did you know that the ocean is a massive carbon sink, and has been protecting us from climate change? Learn more about protecting the ocean, carbon offsets for your summer vacation, and opportunities to advocate and engage with RPCV4EA efforts here.





Stand with Ukraine and Advocate for Clean Energy - For the Planet May 2022 

May 2022 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

Woman with Ukraine flagJoin RPCV4EA and Citizens Climate Lobby to advocate for green energy. Transitioning to clean energy will not only stabilize gas prices, create new jobs, clean our air and solve climate change, it will cut off Putin’s main resource: oil money. Read about our Letters to the Editor campaign and advocacy opportunities that are raising awareness. Plus good green news and our monthly action team events!




Invest in the Planet for Earth Day For the Planet April 2022 

April 2022 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

Sign that reads system change not climate changeCelebrate Earth Day on April 22, themed "Invest in the Planet." Read reflections from RPCV Amelia Abdelrazik about her journey from Peace Corps to climate impact investing. Get resources to learn about climate change, and activities to be inspired and take action.  And join the RPCV4EA action teams- for RPCV4EA every day is Earth Day! Read the April 2022 newsletter here.





Advocate for the U.S. Peace Corps For the Planet March 2022 

March 2022 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

Peace Corps Volunteer in TanzaniaJoin the RPCV community in advocating for the Peace Corps Reauthorization Act and increasing Peace Corps climate change efforts during national Days of Advocacy. Plus RPCV4EA monthly action team meetings and speaker opportunities, and Project Drawdown's climate solutions. Read the March 2022 newsletter here.




Repair Our Climate, Our Democracy, and Ourselves For the Planet

February 2022 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

RPCVs meeting with their RepresentativePolls indicate a belief that our democracy is in trouble. Sam Daley-Harris writes about RPCVs engaged in advocacy, what motivates them, and how you can get engaged in saving our democracy and climate. Events this month offer advocacy and action opportunities; our event recap videos cover the intersection of climate change and global health and careers in climate. Plus good green news and Peace Corps' increasing commitment to climate change. Read the February 2022 newsletter here.




Happy New Year - For the Planet

January 2022 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

2022RPCV4EA Board Members share their new year's resolutions, from personal goals to community activism. Many of our new year pledges include collaborating with you! We hope our pledges inspire you to make your own new year's resolutions for the planet. We also congratulate Edina, MN for passage of the Edina Climate Action Plan that aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions 45% by 2030; RPCV4EA Board Member Paul Thompson was on the planning team. This month join us for events and climate activism as we celebrate the start of 2022. Happy new year!



2021 Newsletters

Happy Holidays from the RPCV4EA Board!

December 2021 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

Zoom meeting with Board membersMeet the inaugural RPCV4EA Board of Directors, a mark of the group's growth after several years of strategic planning, activities, and growing membership. Read Board Members' holiday memories from when they served in the Peace Corps. Their stories will take you traveling in Africa in the 1960s to recently attending church services in the Namibian heat, to listening to Putin welcome in the new year to making pinatas in the Pacific islands. Happy holidays from RPCV4EA to you and yours, at home and around the world!


Citizen Climate Science in Action and Opportunities for Personal Action on Climate Change

November 2021 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

people at a rally for scienceRead about Citizens Climate Science Action (CCSA), a new subgroup of RPCV4EA focused on learning the science of climate and environmental issues and solutions, and taking action. The CCSA team's initial areas of interest are gas-leak focused: refrigerants (hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) and methane (CH4) - both of which are powerful greenhouse gases. Other opportunities for personal action include events, advocacy, and a book review of Garbageland that reflects on our waste. Our monthly green news curated for you includes articles on the space race and climate. Read on!


Small Farmers, Climate Displacement, and Peace Corps at 60

October 2021 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

Bill with farmers in GuyanaRead about RPCV Bill Zimmerman and his quest to support farmers: he’s completed 22 Farmer-to-Farmer assignments in 17 different countries, in Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Caribbean. Advocate for small farmers and those displaced by climate change. And read about Peace Corps' 60th Anniversary through RPCVs' op-eds and guest appearances on public radio. Plus opportunities to attend events and join one of RPCV4EA's climate action teams. Get involved!



Climate Displacement and Climate Solutions

September 2021 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

This month we focus on climate displacement and solutions, as a run up to the Climate Change and Migration panel we are co-sponsoring on September 25th at the Peace Corps Connect Conference . Our spotlight article features RPCV Dave R. Harden (a panelist on Sept. 25) who is leveraging a career overseas, including responding to humanitarian disasters around the world, in his run for Congress and promotion of climate solutions. Climate Displacement 101 provides an overview of the issue; Climate Migration = Climate Justice highlights the inequities of climate change's impact. Plus lots of events and advocacy opportunities for you to get engaged and take action - read more here!


Special Summer Holiday Edition

August 2021 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

This month is a special summer holiday edition, with features about sustainable travel and the benefits of spending time outdoors. We also feature climate themed books and videos for hot summer days when you need to cool off indoors. Enjoy!




Protecting Local and National Parks, Curbing Deforestation, and Advocacy Update

July 2021 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

This month our spotlight article features four RPCVs working to protect local and national parks, in time for people as they enjoy the outdoors this summer. You can also learn about deforestation and ways to curb it, engage in advocacy events and fundraisers, and read our monthly selection of good green news. More inside - check out our July newsletter!



Local to Global Action for Climate Change

June 2021 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

This month read about how RPCV's can take action on local, national, and global climate change initiatives. From working in a small town in Alaska to advocating for people displaced from climate change around the world, we provide opportunities to educate, advocate, and collaborate. Plus the monthly round up pf good green news. Enjoy...and join us for local to global action for the climate. 



Events, Equity, and the Magic of Moringa!

May 2021 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

This month we feature multiple event opportunities, including a climate legislation call with CCL, the havoc from refrigerants, and more. Our spotlight article features Kuli Kuli, an RPCV's company that markets moringa while supporting small farmers. Other articles cover diversity, equity and inclusion; advocacy; and Green News articles of interest.

Environmental Justice, Earth Day and California's Climate Corps

April 2021 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

This month read about Neil Boyer's environmental justice journey, from a childhood in Boston to Peace Corps Program Specialist for the Environment and chair of his local branch of the NAACP Environment and Climate Justice Committee. We also feature the California Climate Corps, the first statewide climate service corps in our country. Plus Earth Day events, climate action items and great green news. Enjoy!

The Time is Right to Share RPCV Experiences with Members of Congress, Local Media

March 2021 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

This month we focus on opportunities to influence legislation and our communities about climate change. With the new Biden administration legislation in the works, now is the time for RPCVs to share our stories with Members of Congress to humanize and advocate for climate change. For climate story ideas read about an RPCV supporting his community in Ecuador 50 years later. Writing letters to the editor of your local newspaper is also an effective way to be heard and raise awareness - join our new writing action group for support. And Happy 60th Anniversary Peace Corps! 

Opportunities for Personal Action on Regenerative Agriculture and Advocacy

February 2021 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

This month we focus on personal action. Learn about regenerative agriculture and opportunities to take action that work for you. If you're interested in advocating for climate change legislation get trained in writing a letter to the editor and join RPCV4EA bipartisan advocacy efforts in our target districts. Write a climate story like our article on Namibia's desert floods and droughts. And read about Paul Thompson - and donate to his causes! - who is skiing his 40th Birkebeiner to raise awareness and funds to support climate and racial justice.


Celebrate 2021- Get Involved in Events, Advocacy, and More!

January 2021 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

This month we focus on sustainable agriculture - from our Kiss the Ground film and panel event on regenerative agriculture to featuring RPCVs putting this into practice in California's wine country and small farms in Central America. We also provide opportunities to learn and engage, from lobbying to learning through books and film. We celebrate the new year with renewed hope for health and peace. 


2020 Newsletters

Grassroots Climate Justice Philanthropy and Upcoming Events

December 2020 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

This month our spotlight article features the grassroots grant making of the Global Fund for Women. Led by an RPCV, their investments in climate justice and in solidarity with grantees is unique in climate change philanthropy. We also invite you to engage in upcoming advocacy and film events, read about the role of climate in NPCA's Connect to the Future Report, and connect to partners. 



Vote for the Environment, Share Your Climate Story, and More!

November 2020 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

This month we provide resources for the election, as well as opportunities to depolarize America and engage in environmental advocacy post-election. Our spotlight features the new RPCV4EA story portal, making it easy to share your climate story and raise awareness. Plus good reads and other info about RPCVs making an impact at home and abroad!




Getting Out the (Environment) Vote

October 2020 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

This month we focus on the upcoming elections. Our election articles provide tips, tools, and resources for RPCVs to help get out the vote, encourage voting for the planet, and ways to engage and be an active participant in our democracy. In addition, we hear a first hand perspective on the wildfires in Washington and how climate change is affecting the U.S.


Image Source: "Sun" by Mr. Furious for Patagonia's efforts to encourage youth to vote for the environment.




The Value in Sharing Your Climate Story

September 2020 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

This month our Spotlight is featuring an organization called Climate Generation who explains the power in sharing your personal climate story. Also learn about ways you can get involved with our group and information on environmental issues. 






Humanizing Climate Change

August 2020 | Editor: Meredith Miller Vostrejs

This month we have an exciting guest speaker, Sarah Goodspeed, from Climate Generation who shares the power in story telling and humanizing our experience to connect on shared values. Also learn about our virtual movie event that happened in July and other ways you can advocate for the Planet.




Strategic Planning for the Future and the latest RPCV4EA Events

July 2020 | Editor: Kate Schachter 

Get a feel for what is happening behind the scenes within the group and learn about ways you can share your ideas. Our latest event, on July 12th, is the virtual movie showing of Anote's Ark followed by a Q&A to help humanize climate change. 





Connect the dots... 

May 2020 | Editor: Kate Schachter

Learn about ways to join our discussions about climate change and ways you can help decrease your carbon footprint.







Will you help use connect the dots?

April 2020 #2 | Editor: Kate Schachter

Learn about Global Issues that RPCVs care about with Michael Kiernan and Earth Day highlights







Earth Day

April 2020 #1 | Editor: Kate Schachter

Virtually Celebrate Earth Day with Us!






2019 Newsletters

RPCVs in Congress and Around the World

May 2019 | Editor: Mike Roman

Learn about RPCVs Congress and other exciting projects RPCVs are working on.






Peace Corps Action Team (PCAT) and its work with Citizens' Climate Lobby (CCL)

March 2019 | Editor: Mike Roman

Meet Peace Corps Action Team's co-leaders Brady Fergusson and Mike Roman and how they partner with Citizen' Climate Lobby.






2018 Newsletters

RPCVs4EA New Direction and Partnerships

May 28, 2018 | Editor: Kate Schachter

Learn about our plans moving forward as an organization!






2017 Newsletters

A Call to Action

September 17, 2017 | Editor: Kate Schachter

Learn more about our highlights and work that's been done behind the scenes.







Call with Citizens' Climate Lobby and Peace Corps Goes to Denver

September 11, 2017 | Editor: Kate Schachter

Learn more info about our upcoming call with CCL and how the Peace Corps Connect Conference went in Denver