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Our Mission

Our Mission

We empower the Peace Corps community to act for climate solutions, to reverse environmental degradation, to promote sustainable development worldwide, and to advocate for action.


Our Vision

A Peace Corps community that acts with passion for climate solutions and environmental well-being.


Our Core Values

As members of the Peace Corps Community, which include the estimated 230,000 volunteers who have served in the Peace Corps along with our allies and friends, we greatly value global relationships and collaboration. Our experiences -- in some of the most vulnerable communities throughout the world – reinforce our commitment to a more equitable, vibrant, and environmentally friendly world. We aim to share our stories and help Americans better understand the environmental challenges and solutions that communities face around the world, in alignment with our core values below.


More About Us

The purpose of the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers for Environmental Action (RPCVs4EA) is to encourage RPCVs and friends to create a community of concern and action about climate change and the critical need for clean water, fossil-free energy, and sustainable practices in our communities.


We intend to:

-create a community with concern for the environment and the implications of climate change;

-partner with existing groups and help amplify the climate change message;

-reach out to our neighbors, legislators, and business entities to take action based on concern for planet health;

-take time with ourselves and others to look at our own backyard in new ways.


Consistent with the Peace Corps approach, our intent is to identify realistic and concrete actions, and advocate for community ownership and legislative support for these actions.


As part of the united and vibrant Peace Corps community that is the vision of the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA), we support NPCA's mission to champion lifelong commitment to Peace Corps ideals. We welcome and encourage all in the Peace Corps community to join and engage with us, with NPCA and with other affiliate groups. Join us!

Become a Member

Join the RPCVs for Environmental Action to stay connected and support Peace Corps community initiatives! 

1. First, you will choose your membership level with NPCA. Select Free (the minimum required), or include a donation level (optional).

2. Then, select which NPCA affiliate group(s) you would like to join, including ours (free).